Montana Arabian Horse Show
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Montana Arabian Horse Show

Date: May 27 - May 28, 2023

There is not one in the Montana Arabian Horse Association that does not have their story to tell, many beginning with a childhood love for horses that began before they ever saw one in the flesh. Whether we were born with this unexplained passion for the horses or if we grew to know it, the Arabian breed holds a special place.

In the Montana Arabian Horse Association, we are dedicated to promoting the Arabian breed for all the qualities that have made it endure for centuries. If you already own an Arabian horse, if you are involved in horse showing, endurance, racing, trail riding, or if you are an explorer ready to embark on a new adventure- there is information in these pages for you.

The Montana Arabian Horse Association is one of the oldest charter clubs through the national organization of the Arabian Horse Association and we continue now, as in the years previous, with a strong tradition and dedication to promote and expose the fine qualities of the Arabian Horse. Our members consist of trainers, judges, breeders, owners and exhibitors in all types of disciplines. As Arabian, Half or Anglo Arabian owners or enthusiasts, we are thrilled with the joy our horses bring to our lives and are even more excited when someone else discovers the attributes and unlimited talents of the breed. This thrill and excitement is what cements this club in our roots and goals. We continue to find avenues within the local community to educate others about the Arabian Horse.

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