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The Following Items May Not Be Brought Into The Arena:
Illegal Drugs Or Substances
Marijuana and All Consumable Cannabis Related Products
Coolers/Ice Chests Or Outside Food or Drink Of Any Kind
Cans Or Bottles (Plastic Or Glass Containers)
Wallet Chains
Sharp Spiked Jewelry
Video /Audio Recording Equipment Of Any Type
Professional Cameras Of Any Type, DSLRs, Leicas, Gopros Cameras/Sticks, Tripods Or Monopods, Selfie Sticks
Any Camera With A Detachable Lens
Fireworks Or Pyro Of Any Kind
Aerosol Cans, Silly String
Weapons Of Any Kind Including Handcuffs, Utility Knives, Mace
Personal Security Pepper Spray
Backpacks Or Bags Exceeding 12”x6"x12”
Waist Packs, Blankets, Signs, Banners, Flags, Umbrellas
Inflatable Items/Beach Balls
Laser Pens, Glow Sticks, Candles
Pets (Service Animals Are Exempt)
Noise-Making Devices Such As Whistles, Horns,
Instruments, Bells

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