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“This is a great facility!” “We love it here!” “This building is so easy to rig!” “I remember this building when I was touring with…”

These are frequent comments from crews when MetraPark Arena hosts artists such as Nickelback, Cher, The Eagles, Papa Roach, Daughtry, Martina McBride, Larry the Cable Guy, Elton John, and many other top-name entertainers.

You know the saying that when you’re not #1, you must try harder. When you’re a secondary market competing with larger markets and newer facilities, you have to provide exceptional service and an accommodating approach. Our goal is to provide the same professionalism that you would expect in LA, New York, Chicago, or Seattle and we have the knowledge and know-how to make it happen. Our building staff, complemented by a cooperative stagehand union and our professional staffing company, will provide every accommodation to ensure your production is as seamless as possible.

At the end of the night, hearing “the band loved playing here” greatly confirms that we have delivered an exceptional experience to the act and the audience.

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