Expo center

The Expo Center

Total Building:
(77,400 sq ft)
Large Bay:
(63,000 sq ft)
Small Bay:
(14,400 sq ft)
Improvement Fee:
Non-ticketed Events:
20% of rental rate
Ticketed Events:
(fee is assessed on each ticket)
Less than $10: $1.50
$10-$39: $2.50
$40-$99: $3.50
$100+: $4.50
  • Small Bay – 15’8″ with acoustical tile
  • Large Bay – 55′ with exposed structural steel
  • Electrical voltage available:
    120/208V S.F 480V 3-Phase
  • Electrical Access: On walls and from overhead using portable transformers
Load In Entry:
  • 18′ x 16′ Overhead Door in Large Bay
  • Several additional overhead doors throughout facility (see floor plan)
Additional Info:
  • Public Address System available
  • Pipe and Drape available to dress the room.
Entire Building:

Large Bay: $600
Small Bay: $300
Dirt Events: $1,250 minimum
No commercial booths, displays or vehicles will be permitted beyond the drip line of the roof.