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4-H Building

Because of it’s age and seriously deteriorated condition, demolition was being considered for this historic building. Yellowstone County 4-H members and leaders opposed this action and formed a committee in  effort to restore the Sage Center. The committee has been working to secure donations in the form of materials, equipment, labor and monetary funding (including any available grants). A plan for repair has been developed, bids have been obtained and many have offered to volunteer their time and skills to the renovations that will include: new electrical wiring, plumbing, bathrooms, flooring,  insulation, windows, siding and the addition of  a kitchenette. Outside repairs are nearly complete with the stucco having been replaced by insulation and siding and the installation of new windows.

Work on the interior will likely begin in March of 2013. Plans include removing the stage, updating electrical and plumbing to meet current standards and to allow the addition of a kitchenette and the redesigning of  the bathrooms, which require handicap accessible stalls. There will also be work on the concrete flooring (depending on the condition under the carpet) and replacement and painting of some ceiling tiles.

Please consider helping with this cause. Donations are tax deductible and can be made to:

Yellowstone Co. 4-H Council
PO BOX 35021
Billings, MT 59107

Or contact Roni Baker at 406-256-2828.

1931 4H Building