All Class State High School Wrestling

02/14/2014 - 02/15/2014
Rimrock Auto Arena

About This Event:

MHSA sanctioned one class of wrestling in 1956 for all competing schools. In 1958, AA and A-B-C champions were named and finally three classes were arranged with AA, A and B-C continuing to the present. The state tournaments were held at separate sites until 1988 when The All Class Wrestling Tournament was initiated at MetraPark in Billings with wrestling occurring on twelve mats. It has grown to be one of the MHSA’s most popular events, breaking gate records every year, but one, since its inception.

Adult All-Session:
Student All-Session:
Adult Single Session: 
Student Single Session: 

*After 5 pm Friday or 3pm Saturday
             Adults/Students :

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