Departments & Staff


General Information:
Box Office:


Directors & Commissioners
Advisory Board
Brian Cebull, President
Lisa Harmon, Vice President
Greg Kohn
Jeff Muri
Bruce A. Jensen
Alex Tyson
Todd Buchanan
Bill Pelton
Katie Walsh
Jeffrey L. Mrachek
Dave Staton

County Commissioners
John Ostlund РMetraPark Liaison 
Bill Kennedy 
Jim Reno – Chairman

Advisory Board meetings are scheduled for the 4th Tuesday of every month at noon. For confirmation and agenda information please call 256.2404.



Office of the General Manager
Bill Dutcher General Manager 406.256.2444
Connie Watts Fair Administrative Coordinator 406.256.2410
Carlee Galles Administrative Assistant to the GM 406.256.2404
Sue Watts Senior Secretary 406.256.2401
Marketing / Booking / Media Relations
Ray Massie Marketing Director (Booking) 406.256.2402
Jamie Porter Marketing & Sales Coordinator (Booking) 406.256.2462
Operations and Events
Jeff Seward Operations Director 406.256.2407
Robert Trimble Event Coordinator 406.256.2466
Lyon Davis Event Coordinator 406.256.2421

George Goerig

Kevin Richeson

Facility Engineer


Facility Engineer




Box Office
Sue Devries Admissions Manager / Assistant General Manager 406.256.2414
Jann Goodell Assistant Admissions Manager 406.256.2425
Sheila Harrison Assistant Admissions Manager 406.256.2408
Food and Beverage

Sam Merrick

Tim Wombolt

Food and Beverage Director

Food and Beverage Coordinator



Mike Groscop Food and Beverage Coordinator 406.256.2463
Kelly Campbell Comptroller 406.256.2405
Alecia Owen Senior Accountant 406.256.2403
Starplex Security
Dan Lasswell
Starplex Crowd Management 406.256.2480